Ethereum Bogotá and Legal Hackers invite to a meeting on DAOs

They will provide a virtual meeting to understand CAD use cases and how they relate to the legal system

On Saturday November 7, Ethereum Bogotá invites you to a talk on CAD. It will be an introduction to the topic with María Gómez, product and strategy leader at; which will be complemented by a conversation by José Torres, director of the Bogotá Legal Hackers chapter. This was reported to Cointelegraph en Español by the organizers.

The objective is to hold a meeting to understand the cases of use of DAOs and how they relate to the legal system.

In the first part, María Gómez will explain what a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is. She will also tell about the most recent developments in Aragon, one of the pioneer projects in Ethereum of this technology.

The lawyer commented: „I would like to explain what a DAO is and what are the cases of use we are seeing today. As well as showing real life examples, how certain crypto projects are currently using it“.

To complement and enrich the conversation, José Torres, partner of Lexia Abogados, will ask questions from his experience in law, technology and innovation.

„We are very happy that the Legal Hackers community is working with Ethereum Bogotá. We love the crypto theme, that’s why we want to do more events together. We want the entire Legal Hackers community to be a home for further learning,“ he said.

The virtual event will address some topics such as:

– Why is CAD relevant to the Latin American context?

– Are DAOs a replacement for the blockchain courts of justice?

– How do decentralised organisations adapt to the legal system?

The Meetup will last an hour and a half, first there will be a presentation and then the microphone will be opened for questions from the audience to complement the conversation.

Blockchain: Nigeria targets $ 6 billion in revenue by 2030

A Nigerian government agency expects the blockchain industry to grow significantly by 2030 in the country. At least $ 6 billion in revenue could thus be generated.

Nigeria’s blockchain industry to explode, government says

A speech by the director of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), reported by Vanguard , gives indications of the government’s hopes. Kashifu Inuwa explained last week that it was estimated that the Bitcoin Up sector could generate 6 to 10 billion dollars in revenue for Nigeria by 2030.

Inuwa confirmed that Nigeria does not want to be overtaken, and that blockchain is already contributing to the growth of global economies:

“We are aware of the need to position our country effectively , so that we can generate value with blockchain. “

Nigeria, a leading figure in the blockchain industry in Africa?

For this, NITDA relies on two strengths: Nigeria’s young population, most of whom were born digitally, as well as the country’s place on the continent. Nigeria is indeed sometimes considered a leading figure in the development of the FinTech sector in Africa. With regard to blockchain in particular, several areas should be explored: digital payments of course, but also digital identity technologies and contract and conflict management, among others.

Cryptocurrencies Rise In Nigeria

At the local level, several signs are already pointing to an increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies . Last October, the MetaMask wallet named Nigeria among the four countries with the most users, along with the United States, India and the Philippines. In September, the Nigerian analysis firm A&D Forensics also explained that the arrival of “Big Players” in the region represented a turning point :

“ When Binance arrived in Nigeria, it gave many people the opportunity to buy and exchange [crypto currency s] . They have more liquidity than other exchanges in the region, they recruit local community managers […] and they provide free rewards. “

While the country’s fiat currency, the naira (NGN), has been steadily losing value for many years now, cryptocurrencies are seen as a haven by the people of Nigeria. An impression confirmed by a recent study by , which concluded last August:

“Nigeria has been the country with the greatest progress in recent months. The country has increased its use of the web wallet by 60% since April 2020. ”

El sentimiento de Bitcoin no es sólo un indicador de retraso

El informe de Glassnode señala que la salud y la liquidez de la red Bitcoin se han reducido desde la semana pasada, sin embargo, el sentimiento sigue siendo el mismo. Este es un desarrollo interesante que es unilateral, es decir, sólo ocurre durante la subida de los precios.

Veamos por qué es así con el sentimiento de este artículo.


El sentimiento es algo que cambia cuando hay un movimiento o precio repentino que cruza un determinado nivel o niveles psicológicos. En la última semana, bitcoin subió consistentemente más alto durante la primera mitad, sin embargo, estas subidas se están deshaciendo en la última mitad de la semana.

Aunque la anulación de las subidas está ocurriendo lentamente, el sentimiento no cambiará con ello. Por lo tanto, es por eso que estamos viendo un nivel de sentimiento constante.

De hecho, el IGF muestra que la gente sigue siendo codiciosa [71] y ha aumentado de 61 durante la última semana.


Mientras que el precio de Bitcoin está bajando lentamente, así es como lo están haciendo los hodlers o personas que invirtieron – ya han tomado beneficios o siguen tomando, lo que explica la lenta caída de los precios. Lo mismo se puede ver en el indicador MPL, que muestra que la línea de ganancias [verde] ha llegado al tope y la línea de pérdidas [roja] también ha tocado fondo.

Desde febrero, la línea de ganancias ha formado constantemente un máximo más alto desde febrero de 2020. La última vez que esto sucedió fue desde febrero de 2019 hasta julio de 2019.

Además, la línea de pérdidas ha alcanzado los niveles que se vieron por última vez en diciembre de 2017. Si lo mismo ocurre ahora, lo cual podría ocurrir, considerando el tope de la línea de ganancias, podemos esperar que bitcoin caiga más bajo. Este escenario encaja perfectamente en el panorama general de bitcoin, que ha formado una cuña creciente bajista.

Además, el SOPR diario muestra una reducción, que está en línea con la reducción del precio y el MPL. En general, el indicador de sentimiento es un indicador de retardo en momentos como estos, sin embargo, durante los choques, se ajusta muy rápidamente debido a un movimiento repentino. De cualquier manera, bitcoin ha llegado a un tope de 14.000 dólares y podríamos ver alguna consolidación antes de que haga otro movimiento, alcista o bajista.

„The Digital Rush.“ A special Bitcoin documentation

I recently read about a recommendation in Jimmy Song’s newsletter on The Digital Rush. A Bitcoin Dokumentary, which I would like to recommend here.

The creators do not follow the what-is-true Bitcoin for beginners approach, as we have already seen enough, but have a refreshing approach.

Doers instead of representatives

Instead of talking to the usual suspects and colorful dogs, i.e., sufficiently well-known investors, advocates and thought leaders, this documentary gives a voice to many of those who have not been the first to be associated with Profit Secret in public perception. However, those who are entitled to do so because they are the ones who have been working on the implementation of Bitcoin for years and in some cases decades and who have helped shape the Bitcoin ecosystem.
Somewhat man-heavy, but still top-notch in terms of content. The interview partners

The good half hour offers thereby new interesting views among other things into the developing history of Bitcoin.

From the film description:

„The documentary The Digital Rush is about interviewing key figures in the bitcoin ecosystem and documenting the community and its events. A proper representation of the bitcoin proposition will be provided: cypherpunk movement, technological choices, monetary impact and cultural relevance, etc. It will emphasize the emergence of bitcoin as digital gold.

Aimed at a non-technical audience, the documentary will explain bitcoin using the words of its community members; their advanced (often geeky) technical comments will be properly framed between plain informative segments providing a gradual educational path.

The progress of Bitcoin is also evident here

All in all a very worth seeing and demanding documentation also – or maybe even more so – for those who already know a bit more about Bitcoin. You can also see that a little courage to do less is more would have been good for the music here and there.

Which is beyond that in any case remarkable and shows up at the brought in Bitcoin-explanatory-clip of before umpteen years: How professional, mature, deeply, respectably and seriously today’s Bitcoin-explanatory films (and thus also the perception of Bitcoin) became.