Alt Season on the Horizon: 4 Phases to Watch Out For!

• This article looks at the possibility of an upcoming ‘Altcoin Season’, a period of high gains for alternative coins to Bitcoin.
• Blockchain Center data indicates that Altcoin Season is not yet imminent due to Bitcoin still dominating the market.
• We explore how market trends and recent developments might influence the outcome of an Altcoin Season.

What is Altcoin Season?

Altcoin Season is a period when alternative coins to Bitcoin experience significant gains in value. It usually follows a period of stability or growth in the price of Bitcoin, as investors move money out into other cryptocurrencies. Ash WSB outlines a four-phase path to this highly anticipated event, beginning with Bitcoin stabilizing and money flowing into Ethereum.

Is Altcoin Season Imminent?

According to Blockchain Center’s Altcoin Season Index, we’re still deep within Bitcoin Season with only 9 out of the top 50 coins outperforming Bitcoin. This indicates that an alt season has not yet begun and may be some time away from happening.

How Might Market Trends Influence Altcoin Season?

Recent market trends can have an impact on whether or not an alt season takes off. If there are positive developments such as increased institutional investment or greater liquidity in certain markets, then these could create conditions which favor altcoins over BTC and lead to an increase in their prices. Additionally, if there is a reduction in fees associated with trading certain altcoins then this could also catalyze their performance during this period.

Will Ethereum Benefit From Altcoin Season?

Ethereum has been one of the main beneficiaries from recent volatility in the cryptocurrency markets and it may continue to do so during any potential alt coin season. Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities make it attractive for developers building decentralized applications (DApps) on its blockchain which could drive up demand for ETH tokens even further if new projects launch during this period.


Although current indicators suggest that we are still within Bitcoin season, recent market activity and positive developments could point towards a strong performance by alternative coins when the expected Altcoin season arrives – with Ethereum being one possible beneficiary among many others..

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