Bitcoin Plunge: Short-Term Sell Off, Long-Term Holders Unfazed

• Bitcoin’s 30k plunge – short-term holders sell off BTC, long-term holders unfazed
• Fed balance sheet declines for fourth consecutive week – down $141B
• Central banks’ dilemma: inflation, stagflation, and the cryptocurrency response in today’s economy

Bitcoin Plunges 30k

Bitcoin experienced a sudden and dramatic drop on April 19th as short-term holders sold off their holdings. Despite this, the long-term holders remained unfazed. This drastic price movement was felt across exchanges with 20k BTC reentering exchanges following the largest Bitcoin long liquidation event of the year.

Fed Balance Sheet Declines

The Federal Reserve balance sheet decreased by $141 billion for four consecutive weeks leading up to April 19th when Bitcoin took its plunge. With this decrease comes a dilemma for central banks – how to address rising inflation levels while avoiding stagflation?

Cryptocurrency Response

Central banks around the world have been looking at cryptocurrencies as an alternative in order to combat rising inflation, particularly with regards to people’s purchasing power. In response to these pressures, many investors and traders were quick to take advantage of crypto assets as a hedge against other investments that may be failing due to negative economic conditions.

Biggest Long Liquidation Event

The biggest long liquidation event for crypto in 2023 took place on April 19th causing many traders to incur losses while longer term investors saw profits increase due to increased demand. This highlights just how quickly the market can move and how important it is for traders and investors alike to always remain vigilant of market changes before making any decisions based on speculation or hope rather than actual numbers.


In conclusion, this article highlighted some key points regarding Bitcoin’s 30k plunge which affected both short-term and long-term holders differently — with one group seizing an unprecedented profit-making opportunity while the other incurred losses. The article also discussed the central bank’s dilemma when it comes to addressing rising inflation levels and how cryptocurrencies can provide an alternative solution in today’s economy. Finally, we explored the biggest long liquidation event of 2023 which occurred on April 19th — reminding us all of just how volatile markets can be and why it is so important for traders and investors alike not only stay informed but act wisely when faced with potential opportunities or risks in order to maximize gains or minimize losses respectively.

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