Ethereum Bogotá and Legal Hackers invite to a meeting on DAOs

They will provide a virtual meeting to understand CAD use cases and how they relate to the legal system

On Saturday November 7, Ethereum Bogotá invites you to a talk on CAD. It will be an introduction to the topic with María Gómez, product and strategy leader at; which will be complemented by a conversation by José Torres, director of the Bogotá Legal Hackers chapter. This was reported to Cointelegraph en Español by the organizers.

The objective is to hold a meeting to understand the cases of use of DAOs and how they relate to the legal system.

In the first part, María Gómez will explain what a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is. She will also tell about the most recent developments in Aragon, one of the pioneer projects in Ethereum of this technology.

The lawyer commented: „I would like to explain what a DAO is and what are the cases of use we are seeing today. As well as showing real life examples, how certain crypto projects are currently using it“.

To complement and enrich the conversation, José Torres, partner of Lexia Abogados, will ask questions from his experience in law, technology and innovation.

„We are very happy that the Legal Hackers community is working with Ethereum Bogotá. We love the crypto theme, that’s why we want to do more events together. We want the entire Legal Hackers community to be a home for further learning,“ he said.

The virtual event will address some topics such as:

– Why is CAD relevant to the Latin American context?

– Are DAOs a replacement for the blockchain courts of justice?

– How do decentralised organisations adapt to the legal system?

The Meetup will last an hour and a half, first there will be a presentation and then the microphone will be opened for questions from the audience to complement the conversation.

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