New Worldcoin Project: Is AI Regulation Necessary?

• OpenAI CEO Sam Altman proposes AI regulation during Senate hearing.
• Celsius withdraws $800M stETH from Lido Finance following upgrade.
• Ex-Ethereum developer Hudson Jameson calls Worldcoin project “unrealistic and scary”.

OpenAI Calls for Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently proposed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) be regulated in a Senate hearing, as the technology is becoming increasingly powerful and more complex. He also mentioned the potential for AI to be used for malicious purposes, such as fraud or identity theft.

Celsius Withdraws From Lido Finance

Following an upgrade, Celsius has withdrawn over $800 million worth of staked Ethereum (stETH) from Lido Finance. This has caused an increase in withdrawal requests from users who have staked their Ethereum on the platform.

European Central Bank Supports Digital Euro

Despite lukewarm responses from banks and consumers, the European Central Bank believes that a digital euro is necessary to stay competitive with other world currencies. As part of this initiative, they are currently developing a framework to create and manage digital euros in order to foster innovation within Europe’s financial system.

Countdown to Bitcoin Halving

The much anticipated Bitcoin halving event is fast approaching with less than 50,000 blocks remaining until it takes place on May 11th 2020. This event will cut miners‘ rewards by half and reduce new supply of BTC entering circulation by 50%. It is expected that this could lead to increased volatility in Bitcoin’s price leading up to and after the halving event takes place.

Ex-Ethereum Developer Criticizes Worldcoin Project

With OpenAI founder Sam Altman close to raising $100 million for his crypto project Worldcoin, former Ethereum core developer Hudson Jameson expressed his concerns about its tokenomics which he finds „suspicious“. Furthermore, he thinks that the project lacks transparency and labels it “unrealistic and scary” due its reliance on iris-scanning technology which could provide access to its global currency Worl

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